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WILLIAM Masterpiece collection

Between tradition and experimentation, the Masterpiece collection brings back the splendour of the works of art of the past, creating products of superior quality that maintain their unique value over time.

The original model of William commode, in Rococo style, dated back to 1745 and is made of wood carved by hand with plastic relief. The engravings are realized by François de Cuvilliés, architect and sculptor, one of the leading interpreters of this style in Southern Germany, while the carvings are attributed to Joachim Dietrich, first carver of the court.

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Jumbo Collection has now revived this historic piece of art creating a piece of furniture realized by highly specialized artisans. The structure of the commode is in multi-layer wood lacquered in antique white, carvings are in lime tree wood, engravings in gilded gypsum and top is in white onyx top. of antique white lacquered plywood, the engravings are in gilded plaster and the top is in white onyx. The carvings in lime wood represent female busts and decorative plant elements.

The furniture is produced in a numbered and limited edition of 30 pieces and comes with a certificate of authenticity that guarantees its origin.