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Josiah Wedgwood's porcelains inspiration

The western artistic style, especially the world of Josiah Wedgwood china, inspires the 2019 collection with ornament motifs which adorn the furniture, such as the dancing ladies, swirls and swathes and with the three-dimensional decorative technique with biscuit effect.

Clean, elegant lines together with the western artistic style that decors and enchants.

Medgwood vase 2
Medgwood vase
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The world of Wedgwood china is the main inspiration behind the Portland chest of drawers: a suggestion that can be find in the decorative figures, the dancing ladies of classical inspiration, and in the finish with biscuit porcelain effect. The shiny opaque gold leaf gilding further enriches the piece, expressing a bright, lightfilled approach to classic style.
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Jc sideboard double sx
Jc sideboard double dx

A collection featured by handmade decorations in gypsum and by a three-dimensional decorative technique with biscuit effect that, applied on ceramic or wood, gives the designs a matte effect and textured finish.

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Jc showcase double dx
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The same decorative spirit is used also in the new edition of the Shinto line, reinterpreted this year with influences taken from the classic world.

Jc fuji
With clean and essential shapes, the Shinto side table is characterized by a special combination of different materials, including natural maple, white statuary marble and brass casting. The glass component, engraved with different depth and illuminated, contributes to create a scenographic piece of furniture in subtle balance between classic and modern.
Jc fuji wide

A special manufacturing in which the glass is engraved with several steps and with different depths to give a three-dimensional effect to the design. The lighting of the piece through the thickness of the glass enhances and emphasizes the engraved designs.