MORE is MORE “The essence is in the decoration”

With its essential lines, contemporary vibes and delicate colors, the “New Era” of Jumbo Collection signed a phase of evolution toward an innovative idea of the classic style. Without abandoning the will to experiment and innovate, Jumbo Collection is now moving back to its most authentic heritage by exploring a return to decorativism; a greater attention to ornaments, trimmings and embroideries, all that elements that make the design more exciting, emotional and personal. Quoting Livio Ballabio, Jumbo Collection’s Creative Director: “The superfluous enables us to survive, resembling a kind of energy reserve at our disposal".

With this new proposal, Jumbo Collection presents a tribute to the French style of the '600 and '700, updated and reinterpreted according to an eclectic and dynamic approach.

The timeless elegance of the classic style is expressed in the richness of details and decorations in Louis XV and Louis XVI style, enhanced by the antiqued and patinated gold leaf finish. The smooth surfaces are characterized by the use of maple in its natural appearance, with geometric inlays.

“The essence of Jumbo Collection’s style lies in the decoration, because the superfluous is what makes us stand out from one another, becoming an expression of our soul.”

Livio Ballabio, Partner and Creative Director of JUMBO GROUP


Elegant, intimate and sophisticated, Jumbo Collection’s new decorative approach is the perfect expression of this concept. Enhanced by a bright and delicate color palette, with soft powder shades combined with luminous gold details, the new proposal represents a further evolution of Jumbo Collection’ timeless and versatile style.