Jc Vegetale Hero

The vegetal decorative theme

As in a work by Piranesi, the scenographic and intriguing nature enters Jumbo Collection furnishings, contaminating a typically human dimension, transforming it deeply and giving life to suggestive settings.

The carved wood becomes the protagonist of an entire line of furniture, with beds and tables that turn into trunks, trees and bushes.

Mac Pag 132
Deep carvings inspired by Chippendale style give life to scenographic flowers and vegetal elements: timeless details that guarantee the works an appreciation that goes beyond every age.
Jc Vegetale Wide 01

The vintage and distressed effect invades the creations and enhances the wavy lines of the plant elements, while the gilding and the bronze ornaments embellish the whole.

Jc Vegetale Double Dx

The art of carving, prerogative of artisans whose work has been handed down for generations, requires manual skill, good taste and artistic flair to create authentic masterpieces, each one different from the other. The central stage of carving is the chisel, followed by the finishing and polishing phases. Subsequently the carved objects can be painted or gilded.