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The beauty of art in Jumbo Collection proposal

Further evolution and exasperation of the Baroque, Rococo is the pictorial, architectural and sculptural style of the period between the end of the XVII century and the first half of the XVIII. Fine expression of the grace and luxury of the eighteenth century, Rococo painting has among its main protagonists French painters such as Jean Antoine Watteau, François Boucher and Jean-Honore Fragonard.

Rococo paintings are characterized by blurred outlines, curved lines, detailed ornaments,
light and pastel colors with a bold touch of brightness and light.

As an undisputed protagonist of Jumbo Collection lifestyle, art becomes an integral part of the furniture proposal.

Precious reproductions of famous masterpieces lend the rooms a timeless prestige and charm. Imposing paintings with an intense decorative power, picturesque and delicate images whose artistic charm perfectly fits with the poetic beauty of the classic style furnishings.

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The splendor of art joins experimentation in shapes and lines, transforming the home into the perfect representation of the unique style of Jumbo Collection.

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Thanks to the cooperation with the most important Neapolitan art galleries, the artistic component becomes an essential element in the poetics of the collections.