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The art of mother-of-pearl inlay

The mother of pearl is a precious material obtained from the inner layer of the shell of some molluscs, especially the oysters, it has been used for centuries for its hardness and beauty, for the production and decoration of various objects through the inlay technique. Five different types of precious mother-of-pearl, from five different areas of the world, are the protagonists of the inlays of Jumbo Collection furniture.

Refined motifs made according to ancient manufacturing technics, in which the craftsmanship of the most authentic Made in Italy contributes to create luminous furnishings with timeless beauty.

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The iridescence of mother of pearl meets the transparency of the crystal in a precious, brilliant and light ensemble, in which structurally clean elements and rich decorative inlays come together to give life to a new interpretation of the classical style.

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In the Villa Serbelloni masterpiece, Jumbo Collection reinterprets an original piece from the end of the 18th century: a piece of furniture characterized by a precious mother of pearl pavé covering the entire upper part, further enriched by hand-blown brass decorations.

The high level artistic decoration is the main feature of inlaid manufacturing in mother of pearl in the Jumbo Collection furnishings.

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Made in the specialized district of Caravaggio, the inlays are the result of the experience of skilled artisans who collaborate with expert professionals such as cabinet makers, carpenters, polishers and gilders.