Jc Cristallo Hero 02

The perfection of crystal

Characterized by an extraordinary purity and brilliance and by an exquisitely handmade manufacturing, crystal can be combined with marble, mother of pearl, precious metals and woods to create compositions with unparalleled beauty.

Born for the creation of a single table, the idea of ​​using crystal has been extended to create a precious and evocative furnishing line, whose timeless appeal is intended to go beyond fashion and style.

Jc Cristallo Wide 01

In Jumbo Collection’s luxurious furnishings, the elements in pure Italian crystal, diamonded or milled, create elegant facets, delicate grooves and refined geometries, acquiring an unprecedented expressive power.

Jc Cristallo Double Sx
Jc Cristallo Double Dx

The Italian crystal used by Jumbo Collection is manufactured in Empoli respecting a centuries-old tradition. The high-level of technical processing allows to create refined elements with unparalleled beauty.