Jc Fuji Hero

The FUJI line and the engraved glass

In line with the renewal process undertaken with the "New Era", the Fuji line expresses a luminous and light classic style, characterized by clean and elegant lines, while the special craftsmanship of the glass tells the masterful technical and artistic ability of the brand.

The main feature of the Fuji line is in fact the special manufacturing of the glass, engraved with several steps and with different depths to give a three-dimensional effect to the design, studied ad hoc on the piece.

Jc Fuji Wide 01

The dining table is characterized by the presence of a lazy suzan in cloudy onyx that can rotate automatically in the desired positions by pushing a button.

Jc Scivoli 4006
In the table and in the showcases, the lighting takes place through the thickness of the glass highlighting the engraved elements: bamboo, herons, peach blossoms and other elements inspired by the Oriental tradition.
Jc Fuji Double Sx
Jc Fuji Double Dx

In addition to the table and the showcases, the Fuji line includes tables and chairs. All the pieces are characterized by the precious brass structure, partly drawn, partly with sand casted.