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The wrought iron between art and craftsmanship

A simple, strong and malleable material, iron can be worked in different ways for the creation of furniture, accessories and decorations in the most varied styles. In Jumbo Collection, wrought iron manufacturing is used for chandeliers and furniture components, wisely combined with precious materials to create unpredictable aesthetic solutions.

A craftmanship that is handed down from generation to generation expressing all its strength in components with timeless beauty.

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Jc Ferrobattuto Still
The use of different materials enhances the contrast between elements with an important formal aspect and structurally cleaner components, embellished with mother-of-pearl inlays.
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Contamination becomes the perfect aesthetic choice to enhance the formal play between minimal and essential elements and smoother lines, typical of Jumbo Collection’s New Era.

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In the wrought iron components enriching Jumbo Collection furnishings, we find the perfection and passion of a precision work that requires the expert hands of the craftsman.