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The Victorian inspired drape

The decorative drape is the distinctive feature of the Lace collection, a line of furniture inspired by the draped furniture, curtains and ornamental fabrics of the noble courts of the Victorian era. Combining the art of carving and cabinet-making, the theme of the drapery draws inspiration from the soft and decorative lines of the fabrics used as ornament and turns into a sumptuous decorative element for the furniture of the line.

Born as an inspiration for a single mirror, the idea of ​​the "curtain effect" applied to the world of furniture has been extended to the storage units, to the tables, to the furnishings of the bedroom, to compose an entire collection.

Jc Drappo Wide 01
Jc Drappo Still
The impressive decorative drape frames the bookcase lending it a regal and dramatic look that expresses the Baroque style in an original and refined way.

The art of carving: an exquisite handmade manufacturing expertly executed by master craftsmen who have always sealed the Made in Italy quality of Jumbo Collection furnishings.

Jc Cristallo Drappo Sx
Jc Cristallo Drappo Dx

Once realized, the carving can be finished in gold leaf and enriched with handmade flowers for the creation of refined decorations.