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FRAGONARD line, between classicism and innovation

The encounter between classicism and innovation is one of the key elements of Jumbo Collection’s “New Era”, a new design approach where artisanal heritage, decorativism and experimentation in the use of materials, techniques and processes meet. The new pieces of the Fragonard line, such as the sideboards, bar units, cabinets and tables, presented within the 2019 collection, are perfectly representative of this style: the originality lies in the in fact in the encounter between two different parts.

A line that is expression of an innovative attitude that wisely combines the timeless beauty of classic ornaments with cleaner and more essential lines and experimental techniques.

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In the Fragonard sideboard, the base is in beech wood with low relief hand-made carvings, highlighted by the very antiqued gold leaf finish while the upper component, characterized by cleaner and more essential lines, is realized through an innovative liquid metal engraving process.
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The manufacturing process of the base is typical of the classic world and perfectly expresses the made in Italy craftsmanship, an element that has always been a key feature of Jumbo Collection. The special laser technique used for the upper part, that lends the Renaissance motifs a rough relief effect is instead a confirmation of Jumbo Collection’s ability of exploring modern and innovative techniques to create a unique and distinctive approach to classical style.

Artisanal heritage and timeless classic style