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Jumbo Collection rediscovers its heritage with a series of settings that mix eras and styles, with Louis XV and Louis XVI furniture in dialogue with neo-classical forms and Far Eastern decorations.

Baroque carvings, Rocaille ornaments and Japanese motifs come together to create spaces that realise the living dreams of customers from all over the world. The new maximalist decorativism of Jumbo Collection - which can be summed up in the concept of 'more is more' - is also made possible by the evolution of the technologies used.

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Innovative techniques include, for example, laser processing, which completes and enriches the handicraft heritage that has always been the basis of "Made in Italy" and has made Italian furniture famous throughout the world.

The technical and artistic mastery of the Jumbo Collection is perfectly expressed in the Fuji line: the glass is engraved in several stages and at different depths to give the design a three-dimensional effect. Light shines through the thickness of the glass to highlight the engraved elements: bamboo, herons, peach blossoms and other elements inspired by the Orient.

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In this setting, anticipating the brand's new catalogue, the timeless elegance of Jumbo Collection renews the concept of decorativism with precious lighting, gold details and textured fabrics.

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