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Classic-inspired caryatids and decorative spirit in the TOULOUSE line

A bright and clean classic style with a western-inspired decorative spirit: the Toulouse line, composed of side table, central table, night table and chest of drawers, perfectly expresses the spirit of the "New Era" collections.

The main feature of these elegant pieces of furniture is the presence of the caryatids, sculpted female figures of classic inspiration, serving as columns and supporting the tops of the table on their head.

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The refined sculptures protagonists of the tables are made of porcelain with biscuit finish, a process that lends the sculpture a matte appearance and texture to the touch. Obtained through two firings (literally bis-cooked) at a temperature of at least 1000°, without the presence of glaze, the biscuit porcelain was very popular in Europe in the second half of the 18th century, representing the pride and boast of the most prestigious Royal Houses.
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The beauty of biscuit porcelain consists essentially in the complexity and refinement of the modelling, which often takes up the statuary themes and motifs of the era, especially that of the great French sculptors.

Beyond the biscuit caryatids, the high quality of the materials and the high level of artisanal craftsmanship of this line of furniture are confirmed by the presence of white statuary marble elements, luminous brass details, bright profiles in antique gold and refined geometric inlays.

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