Jc Biedermeier Hero 01

BIEDERMAIER Masterpiece collection

Produced in a limited edition of 30-piece, the cabinet Biedermeier is part of the Masterpiece collection, a line of furniture that brings back the splendour of the works of art of the past that left their indelible mark in the history of European furniture.

The original piece is a cabinet with clock in Louis XVI style, characterized by volumes of mixtilinear sections derived from the support drums of the baroque architectural domes, with ceramic decors and marquetry in fraké wood. The original model, of around 1810, is displayed in Munich at the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum.

Jc Biedermeier Singola

The New Edition by Jumbo Collection uses the same materials and the same artisan manufacturing processes. The marquetry is in fraké wood with handcrafted ceramic decors, handmade by highly skilled artisans.

Jc Biedermeier Double Sx
Jc Biedermeier Double Dx

The cabinet is embellished by a precious clock with mother of pearl pave’, moon phases dial and manual charge mechanic system.