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An exclusive selection of boiserie

Jumbo Collection presents a new selection of boiserie, stunning projects that tell stories of luxury.

The inspiration behind the Domus Aurea boiserie is the Imperial imaginary, the magnificence and lavish beauty of Ancient Rome. The flawless equilibrium of the composition is balanced by the richness of details and their symbology: fantastic flora and fauna, mysterious landscapes and fictional architectonic perspectives.

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Ukiyo is inspired by the Japanese floating world. One of its main features is a modern take for a traditional ritual: the setting evokes the charming Japanese tea ceremony. The walls, enriched by detailed miniatures of oriental landscapes and bamboo leaves, reflect the geometries of the tatami floor. A straw decorative panel depicts a harmonious panorama, while bamboo canes engraved in scented cedarwood create an effect of perspective depth.

JC Ukiyo 01
JC Ukiyo 02

Evoking the emotion of one of the most famous and beloved arias in the world of Opera, the Norma boiserie is a tale of luxury and elegance. A warm, classy atmosphere is defined by the natural shades of wood, masterfully assembled in perfect geometries. The glossy finishings highlight the splendour of the environment and the perfection of details.

JC Norma 01

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