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A new dimension of luxury

With an established international presence and a brand synonymous with absolute excellence, Jumbo Collection has undergone a rebranding to consolidate its leadership and appeal to a new type of audience. Nowadays, all the new projects are commissioned by discerning customers who no longer simply wish to purchase furnishings but aim to a unique, unrepeatable and tailor-made luxury experience.

Thomas Munafò is the Jumbo Collection Brand Manager and General Manager of Interior Design Service, the internal division that manages the group’s projects. The modus operandi is designed to satisfy two very demanding customers. Firstly, end consumers, who dream of an entirely bespoke, harmonious home with rich details, who require assistance and support at every stage of the project. Secondly, the division looks after architects, designers and design studios, supporting them with all the necessary activities involved in their work.


This radical change in the market and its players requires a change of perspective, conveyed through the new visual identity and payoff as a change in the spirit and philosophy behind the brand. The new approach is demonstrated by the payoff: “A luxury experience”, which places the emphasis on the centrality of the customer, the true protagonist of the project in all respects.

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In terms of visual identity, the addition of a pictogram that recalls the heraldic symbols of the past makes the whole image more powerful, evocative and communicative. As the brand’s Creative Director, Livio Ballabio, explains: “the logo itself conveys the whole concept, with its atmospheres, emotions and sensations.


The classical language has become more evident and explicit, directly appealing to lovers of this timeless style. In particular, the pictogram created to identify the brand is based on an emblem that was already part of its history, which has been transformed into a lighter and more dynamic version by adding wings, a symbol of flight that, in Greek mythology, signifies creativity, thought, and the ability to see beyond concrete reality".

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"The power of wings transports elements from the earth upwards and towards the divine. And the divine is beauty, creativity, infinity – the aspiration that nourishes the soul, allowing it to rise above the sensory experience.”

Based on this strong and firmly rooted symbolism, Jumbo Collection has succeeded once again in defining its world and its values by putting forward a concept and an image that appeal to those who love luxury, beauty and the most authentic classic style.

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